Dan Orlovsky discusses replacements for Matt Nagy after firing announcement

Dan Orlovsky ESPN

It seems like the sun is finally setting on Matt Nagy as the Chicago Bears head coach. He started well with playoff berths in two out of his first three seasons. However, as time has elapsed, the team has become staler regarding production and success. Considering who should take over from Nagy, Football analyst at ESPN Dan Orlovsky had the following to say.

“Justin Fields is the most important draft pick in the history of the Chicago Bears. The second most important pick will be who they select as the next head coach.”

Dan Orlovsky

In discussing the matter, Orlovsky thought that now-former Florida head coach Dan Mullen would garner consideration. His potential fit with Justin Fields should make him a viable candidate. Looking at it on a broader scale, Given Matt Nagy’s stint having soured, who’s to say that general manager Ryan Pace will stay put as well?

Reaching a boiling point

The Bears lost their last game on Sunday afternoon to a Baltimore Ravens team missing Lamar Jackson. As he typically proves to be the essential cog in making the Ravens’ offense work, a home win was more than feasible for Chicago. Unfortunately, they ultimately fell 16-13. Following the loss, local fans echoed their frustration with the team, calling for their coach’s dismissal. Some fans went as far as to chant in favor of Nagy’s firing at his son’s game.

That’s obviously taking it too far, but it does exemplify fans’ vexation towards the team. Bears fans have starved for a Super Bowl contender for decades now. Though they peaked in 2010 and ’18, the team could never maintain any consistent success. Today, they appear to have a promising prospect to fill their franchise quarterback quota in Justin Fields. However, they still have a ways to go before they can assume legitimacy in the NFL.

Understanding that, the responsibility lies within the organization to put themselves back on track. Most seem to agree that the first steps may have to come in relieving Matt Nagy from his post.

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