NFL executives say Urban Meyer is “in denial” after embarrassing video

Urban Meyer said he apologized to the Jaguars this week for being a distraction. Syndication The Enquirer
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Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer has more to worry about than just his teams’ 0-4 start. After losing to the Cincinnati Bengals last Thursday, a video of Urban Meyer went viral. Though the rest of the team flew back to Jacksonville Thursday night, Meyer decided to stay in Ohio “to see the grandkids.” Meyer is in an Ohio bar (which he owns) with a woman dancing up against him in the video. The viral video has Meyer at the center of attention for the press and NFL executives throughout the league. A former college coach at Ohio State, Meyer has struggled to transition to the pro game. 

Meyer’s transition has been far from graceful. Despite optimism upon his joining Jacksonville, there have been plenty of reasons to start doubting. The Jaguars have started 0-4, including a blown lead to the Bengals. There are reports that Meyer has not adapted to the NFL style of coaching. The Urban Meyer video was just the latest event in a season full of missteps, and executives are taking notice. In a piece for The Athletic, executives let loose on Meyer.

“This happened back at Urban Meyer’s own bar in Ohio, so that’s his little spot. It’s not like he walked into the wrong place at the wrong time. He knew where he was. And then, as part of his apology, he said, ‘I’m not that guy.’ Stop it, you are that guy. Your first chance of not being that guy is to admit that you were that guy — in that moment, you were that guy. To somehow deny it and say I’m not that guy, give me a break. I don’t think it goes well. I think he’s still in denial.” 

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Urban Meyer in need of redemption

Shortly after Meyer awkwardly addressed reporters about the video, Jaguars’ owner Shad Kahn released a statement saying that Meyer will need to restore “respect and trust.” Though he maintained a 187-32 record in the NCAA, he has yet to win an NFL game. While this scandal may not be enough for the Jaguars to fire Meyers, it has undoubtedly made the ice he is on perilously thin. Whether he remains the Jaguars coach of the future will probably rely on how he handles himself the rest of the season. My guess is he won’t be going out to a lot more bars. 

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