What Now for Aaron Rodgers?

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After the 2020 NFL Draft concluded, Aaron Rodgers was left wondering where he stands with the Green Bay Packers. Quarterback Jordan Lovewas drafted in the first round by the Packers, which seems like a replacement for Rodgers. It would seem evident that the Packers should have selected a receiver instead of a quarterback. The selection shocked fans and players alike around the NFL.

During an NFL #draftathon live video, Bakhtiari, a teammate of Rodgers, reacts to the Packers drafting Love, saying, “Aaron is about to be on fire.” This more than likely represents how Aaron Rodgers will make sure Love takes notice of him during practices and games.

Rodgers has all the accolades to be respected by the Packers organization. Rodgers is a two time NFL MVP, a Super Bowl Champion, and Super Bowl MVP. The Packers were one game away from the Super Bowl last year losing in the NFC championship game to the 49ers. So why isn’t Rodgers getting the support he needs from the wide receiver position? As of right now, Davante Adams is the only current threat at the moment.

In a tweet by ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, an illustration shows how many touchdown passes to first round draft picks Rodgers has thrown to.

Amongst all the top QB’s in most recent times, there is a massive discrepancy in the support that Rodgers is getting in the wideout position.

So What’s Next for Rodgers?

This is nothing new within the Packers organization. We can’t forget how Rodgers got his job in the first place. NFL legend Brett Favre was the franchise quarterback when Rodgers was selected in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft. Sounds familiar.

At the time, Favre was also 36-years-old, which seems weird to draft a quarterback. Favre certainly didn’t look like he was slowing down and was still beloved in the eyes of Packer fans past and present. Rodgers waited a couple of years before getting his opportunity at the starting position. Rodgers shouldn’t be concerned about losing it just yet. The Packers are probably looking to have Love get some training time in before plugging him in.

After Love was drafted, Favre made a few comments. In an interview with Rich Eisen, he mentions that the Packers “…burned a bridge that’s going to be hard to overcome.” He also says he believes Rodgers won’t finish his career with the organization.

Aaron Rodgers has four more years left in his contract. But due to cap space, he won’t be going anywhere for at least the next two years. So, where could he possibly end up in 2022? Colin Cowherd recently expressed that there were three possible destinations for Rodgers. The Los Angeles Chargers, the San Francisco 49ers, and the New Orleans Saints.

Of the three teams, it is more likely he lands with the Chargers in two years. They recently released Philip Rivers and they drafted Justin Herbert. Herbert is unproven and the stakes are high. If in the event he fails to produce as Cowherd expressed, it leaves the door open. Rodgers can definitely step in and fill that role until he decides to retire.

The 49ers have Garoppolo and the Saints have three quarterbacks. Those teams don’t look like possible landing spots for Rodgers.

So Rodgers should look at this from a competitive standpoint. He needs to show the Packers organization and Love for that matter that he can still play. Hopefully, the Packers find a solution to sure up the offense in the short term for their sake to say the least.

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