Aaron Rodgers Underwent Innovative New Procedure And Hopes To Aim For Playoff Return

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FLORHAM PARK, NEW JERSEY - JULY 26: Quarterback Aaron Rodgers #8 of the New York Jets talks to reporters after training camp at Atlantic Health Jets Training Center on July 26, 2023 in Florham Park, New Jersey. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Don’t tell Aaron Rodgers the season is over. Rodgers is already making plans for his comeback to the field. He believes that can happen sooner rather than later after rupturing his Achilles just four snaps into his Jets debut against the Buffalo Bills.

Rodgers was ruled out for the rest of the year by all prognostications. The quarterback, 39, underwent surgery in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Dr. Neal ElAttrache, a renowned orthopedic surgeon, carried out a ground-breaking operation to “accelerate the normal rehabilitation process from such an injury.”

The doctor placed an internal brace called an Achilles “speed bridge” on Rodgers’ torn Achilles. The procedure is said to safeguard the repair and allow for an earlier return. The rehabilitation process could wrap up around mid-January.

If that were the case, Rodgers might come back just in time for the playoffs. However, even getting there is easier said than done. There’s no doubt that Rodgers believes he can come back just as strong from the injury.

“I definitely have some odds stacked against me based on age, but I like it. Stack all the odds up against me and see what happens. My entire focus and dedication is about acquiring the most information and adding to what I’ve already put together as a pretty damn good rehab plan that’s going to, I think, shock some people.”

Aaron Rodgers

However, as Rodgers said, there are no assurances about the treatment or the rehabilitation, particularly given his age. Rodgers may also get platelet-rich plasma injections, a therapy that other NFL players have undergone. Russell Wilson had the same treatment last season.

The Jets are committed to starting Zach Wilson as quarterback for the foreseeable future. It will be up to the team to come together and make the postseason to even make it a possibility that Rodgers can return.