Cincinnati Bengals Released “New Stripes” Uniforms

The Bengals have a header which shows all the different jerseys that were released on Sunday

The Cincinnati Bengals released “New Stripes” uniforms on Sunday. The uniforms have fans buzzing and talking about them. The redesign is the team’s first since 2004.

“Our fans have wanted new uniforms for many years, and today represents the start of an exciting new era in Bengals history.”

Bengals director of strategy and engagement Elizabeth Blackburn

The team also announced on Twitter a video of the players rocking the uniforms and showing off the slick design. In the video, fans can see Joe Burrow, Chad Johnson, and other franchise faces.

Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow rocks the "New Stripes" in the Intro video.
Credit: Bengals Website

About The Uniforms

The new uniforms definitely have meaning to the Bengals franchise. They have kept the same helmet that they had before, but the new threads are what matter. The number font has had a slight change. The font received a sharp angle to give it a Bengal scratched look and tie Paul Brown Stadium, which the Bengals play at.

On the back of the uniforms they added Paul Brown’s signature. Paul Brown is a historic coach of the Bengals. The Bengals decided to do this as they try to tie the past with the future.

The uniforms took 30 months to develop and come up with and were led by Elizabeth Blackburn. The Bengals changed the uniforms due to the players pushing for them and wanting new ones. They kept the same helmets because they felt like it was an automatic known way for people to know they were watching a Bengals game. So, they designed the uniform around the helmet and made it blend.

Multiple players from the Bengals show off the new threads in a photoshoot
Credit: Bengals Website

Player’s Thoughts

Multiple players have given their opinions on the new uniforms. One player was Burrow, who seemed to be a big fan of the jerseys. He pointed out that it shows how the franchise is changing and has a bright future ahead of them.

“The guys that are here are the kind of people that are going to take this organization to where we want to go. We’re the future. It’s going to be a fun ride.”

Joe Burrow, Quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals

Another known player to speak on the jerseys was star receiver, Tyler Boyd. Boyd was a fan of the futuristic look that the jerseys gave to the franchise. He also enjoyed “the glow” that they had.

�Unbelievable. They�re futuristic. A new glow for the new us.�

Tyler Boyd, Wide Receiver of the Cincinnati Bengals
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