Former NFL DE Dana Stubblefield Sentenced 15 years to Life for Rape

Oct 12, 2003; Cleveland, OH, USA; Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Dana Stubblefield (94) during th egame against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium. The Browns beat the Raiders 13-7.

On Thursday, former San Francisco 49ers star Dana Stubblefield, now 49 years old, was sentenced 15 years to life for raping a mentally disabled woman at gunpoint in 2015.

On April 9, 2015, the woman who was 31 at the time, went to Stubblefield’s home to interview for a job babysitting his kids. The interview went for 20 minutes, according to investigators. She then left the house but returned after Stubblefield texted her that he wanted to pay for her time. That is when he raped her. He proceeded to give her $80 and let her go. She then went to the police and reported what happened.

Stubblefield plans to appeal his sentence. “We’re very confident that if the jury had the correct information, they would have (come) to a different conclusion,” Allen Sawyer, Stubblefield’s lawyer, said. “I’ve never had a case that so much evidence has been excluded. We wanted the truth to come out, and we’re going to keep fighting.”

Sawyer said Stubblefield “knows he’s innocent and he’s confident the system is going to get it right, and he’s gonna be patient.”

Stubblefield had a great NFL career. Starting his career in 1993 with the 49ers, he won defensive rookie of the year. The next season, he won a Super Bowl with San Francisco while making the Pro Bowl team. He also made the Pro Bowl in 1995 and 1997, the year he also earned a first-team All-Pro selection. His illustrious career lasted eleven seasons, ending in 2003 with the Oakland Raiders. After retiring, he commented on sports events and donated to charities, including the Special Olympics.

Stubblefield has achieved and done great things in his life. However, despite this, he has exhibited a bad side as he has had issues with the law. In 2009, he pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his steroid use. In 2010, he stole his ex-girlfriend’s mail, which he spent time in jail for.

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