Golden Tate Not at Walk-Through After Having Long Talk with Coach Judge

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New York Giants wide receiver Golden Tate (15) walks off the field after a 25-23 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at MetLife Stadium on Monday, Nov. 2, 2020, in East Rutherford.

The New York Giants wideout, Golden Tate, was seen complaining of a lack of targets on Monday after the team’s primetime loss to the Buccaneers. After scoring on one of just two catches, he clearly yelled, “Throw me the ball!” into the camera.

Head coach Joe Judge reportedly “had a talk” with Tate following his outburst and left him out of practice on Wednesday. Judge had little else to say on the matter but stated that Tate would be at practice on Thursday.

As of late, Tate certainly has had a lack of targets from quarterback Daniel Jones. In the last 3 games, he only managed 4 catches in total, with 2 of those coming on Monday.

Elise Tate’s Comments

Apparently, Tate’s lack of catches concerned even his wife, who took to Instagram during the game on Monday. Her series of rants caught the Giant’s organization’s attention, prompting Judge’s meeting with Tate regarding the complaints.

Fans had different reactions, most simply laughing or being left disappointed with the situation.

Jones addressed his receiver’s complaints similarly to Judge at a press conference. Keeping any type of potential conflict at a minimum, Jones deflected Tate and his wife’s comments saying that he “respects” him and “values their relationship” on and off the field.

Although a 10-year veteran, this season might be his most frustrating to date. Another controversy surrounded the receiver just last month as he got into an altercation with cornerback Jalen Ramsey after a Week 4 loss against the Los Angeles Rams. Further complicating the situation, Ramsey is the ex-boyfriend of Tate’s sister and the uncle to his children.

The Golden Tate saga of events is just another stain on the Giants’ miserable NFL campaign this year. Currently, they sit at the bottom of the NFC East, posting just a 1-7 record with almost no hope of a playoff appearance barring a miracle.

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