Is Former DE Jared Allen a Hall of Famer?

Feb 7, 2016; Santa Clara, CA, USA; Carolina Panthers defensive end Jared Allen (69) against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium.

Jared Allen recently revealed that he believes he should be in the Hall of Fame. Allen is in his first year of eligibility and spoke about his accolades.

�I think my career speaks for itself,� Allen said in a phone interview. �I think the writing�s on the wall and absolutely I think I competed at a level that�s hall-of-fame caliber.�

Allen’s Career

The Kansas City Chiefs took Allen with their fourth-round pick in the 2004 NFL Draft. He spent four years in Kansas City and then signed with Minnesota, where he spent six years. After Minnesota, he moved around, first going to Chicago in 2014, and then Carolina during the 2015 season.

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Allen recorded nine sacks in his rookie season, then double-digit sacks in two of his next three seasons. After moving to Minnesota, he recorded more than ten sacks in all six seasons.

Pure dominance from Allen, but nothing will ever compare to his 2011 campaign. In 2011, he was 0.5 sacks away from tieing the record for most sacks in a season. He recorded 22.0 sacks, forced four fumbles, and recorded 32 QB hits.

Is Allen a Hall of Famer?

So, it ultimately brings up the question, is Allen a Hall of Famer?

Let’s compare some of Allen’s stats with other defensive ends who have made it to Canton.

Currently, there are 38 defensive linemen in the Hall of Fame.

According to, the average Hall of Fame defensive end has achieved these things in their career.

  • One championship
  • Three first-team all-pro selections
  • Seven Pro Bowl selections
  • 12 years as a starter

Of those four things the average Hall of Fame defensive end achieves to make the Hall of Fame, Allen has done these.

  • Zero championships (one Super Bowl appearance)
  • Four first-team all-pro selections
  • Five Pro Bowl selections
  • 12 years as a starter

Allen surpassed one of the achievements, met the average for one, was one-off for the other, and was two Pro Bowls short.

Championships don’t necessarily measure a player’s talent though, unless they are a quarterback, leading their team. If you look at who Allen played for, in his four years with the Chiefs, they were 30-34 with one playoff appearance. In Minnesota, the Vikings went 46-49-1 and made the playoffs three times. Besides that, the Bears had a losing record in his time there. He did make Super Bowl 50 with the Panthers when they lost to the Broncos. Overall, not surrounded by the best teams in his career to give him that one championship.

Where Allen Ranks Compared to Others

Of all the defensive ends that made the Hall of Fame, Allen ranks eighth among them and is 16th of all-time for all positions. The only other non-Hall of Famer ahead of him is Julius Peppers.

In terms of other stats, he ranks second in most QB hits behind JJ Watt and second in tackles for loss (TFL) behind Peppers.

A notable name Allen ranks better in most categories is Howie Long. Allen has a higher career approximate value (AV) by four and 52 more sacks than him.

There is not a doubt that Allen makes the Hall of Fame.

Allen put up numbers that can compete with other Hall of Famers and people in his class.

Whether he’s a first or second ballot Hall of Famer, isn’t clear yet, but he will get in eventually.

Besides, Allen could get in, just for one of the best ways to announce his retirement, riding off into the “sunset.”

Fantastic 12-year career from Allen, which is now in the committee’s hands, that decides on his Hall of Fame induction.

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