Jerry Jones ‘Loves’ the Core Base In Dallas, Not Looking to Trade Stars

Sep 13, 2020; Inglewood, California, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones looks on against the Los Angeles Rams during the second half at SoFi Stadium.

The Dallas Cowboys have had a very disappointing start to their season. Franchise quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending ankle injury, the defense is playing horrendous, and the once-elite offensive line is a shell of its former self. The Cowboys aren�t built to contend for a title this year, but a playoff appearance isn�t out of the question thanks to their poor division. They currently sit at 2-5, riddled by injuries.

While some may call for Dallas to rebuild and salvage their current stars for whatever they can for the future, longtime owner Jerry Jones indicated he wishes to do no such thing.

Jones ‘Loves’ His Core Players

Jones said on 105.3 The Fan when asked if he would consider trading pieces for the future, �I feel very strongly that we�ve got a core of really outstanding players. We�ve got a lot of tread on the tire left on most of those key players.�

Jones has a point. The Cowboys are loaded with talent. Even better, most of those key pieces are young with plenty of quality years ahead, as Jones alluded to. That talent hasn�t translated to wins as much as Jones wants, but the potential is there nonetheless.

Jones continued to praise his solid roster, saying, �In the NFL, 10% of the players get two-thirds of the money. And so my point is you better have good players getting the money� And boy I love what�s inside [Demarcus] Lawrence. I love what�s inside our linebacker, Jaylon Smith. And man do I love what�s inside [La�el] Collins, and Tyron Smith and [Zack] Martin. And so when you put where we�re expending our dollars talent-wise or what�s inside them, and the tread they�ve got left on the tire, I love our core base.��

Jones and the Cowboys will have some big decisions to make in the coming days. Their solid group of players will almost certainly garner some appealing trade offers from around the league. The NFL trade deadline is November 3.

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