Patrick Mahomes is now a part-owner of Sporting KC

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON -- Episode 1038 -- Pictured: Football quarterback Patrick Mahomes during an interview on April 1, 2019 -- (Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Patrick Mahomes is now a part-owner of another Kansas City sports franchise. In addition to the Kansas City Royals, Mahomes is now a part-owner of the MLS team, Sporting KC. Mahomes bought a minority stake in the Royals after signing his record-breaking contract.

Mahomes is continuing to be an ambassador for Kansas City. As a result, he is pushing to see the growth of soccer and other sports in Kansas City.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to join Sporting Kansas City’s ownership team and strengthen my connection to the fans and the city I love. Sporting is a community-oriented club and I am excited to continue supporting the growth of soccer in Kansas City.”

Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes is embedded in Kansas City, and it shows with the two teams he owns a stake in. Mahomes could’ve boughten a stake in any franchise he chooses. However, he wants to be a part of the growth in Kansas City.

He has already given the city a Super Bowl and plans to do it again this season. However, he wants to give more to Kansas City off the field.

Cliff Illig, the principal owner of Sporting KC, is excited to have Mahomes as part of the ownership group.

“Patrick is a tremendous ambassador for Kansas City and we are delighted to welcome him to the Sporting Club ownership group.”

Cliff Illig

Mahomes has quite the resume on the field. He is a three-time Pro Bowler, an MVP, and a Super Bowl champion. However, what he’s doing off of the field is equally as impressive.

He is starting foundations for youth across America and creating generational wealth for him and his family. In addition, his fiancée, Brittany Matthews, is part of the ownership group for KC NWSL.

Mahomes and the Chiefs are starting training camp and look to capture another Super Bowl title. However, today Mahomes can also say he is the part-owner of two Kansas City sports franchises.

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