Skip Bayless Under Fire after Downplaying Dak Prescott’s Depression

Cold Pizza host Skip Bayless on the ESPN set in Miami, Florida on February 1, 2007.

Sports columnist, Skip Bayless, is under fire after downplaying Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott’s depression.

Prescott expressed his emotions in a recent episode of In Depth with Graham Bensinger about the death of his brother Jace in April. He talked about his anxiety and depression during the quarantine period and a lack of desire to work out.

�Anxiety for the main one. And then, honestly, a couple of days before my brother passed, I would say I started experiencing depression. And to the point of, I didn�t want to work out anymore. I didn�t know necessarily what I was going through, to say the least, and hadn�t been sleeping at all.�

Skip Bayless’ Response

Bayless is known for making controversial comments about athletes on his show Undisputed. However, when he downplayed Prescott’s experience with depression, it was met with a lot of criticism.

Bayless mentioned that he has no “sympathy” for Prescott going public about his depression because he is the “Quarterback of America’s team” and that it was a sign of “weakness.”

Twitter Reactions to Bayless

Sports anchor Chris Torello responds with “wow” to Bayless showing no compassion towards Prescott.

American news commentator and YouTube Personality, Philip DeFranco, was explicit in his criticism of Bayless.

Former Cowboys Wide Receiver and former teammate to Prescott, Dez Bryant, used expletives to express his opinion of Bayless.

Bayless showed a lack of compassion and sympathy towards Prescott, which is inexcusable. Mental health issues are real, and regardless of the magnitude of the athlete, it should never be taken lightly.

Instead, Prescott is brave for describing how he felt.

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