Stephen A Smith: “That was one of the most horrific quarterback performances we have ever seen.”

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1), walks off the field dejected after being tackled at the one yard line but he Dolphins defense during NFL game at Hard Rock Stadium Sunday in Miami Gardens. Carolina Panthers V Miami Dolphins 40

The Cam Newton hype may very well be over after an abysmal performance on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. Words cannot really describe the quality of play from Newton, but Stephen A. Smith did his best to do so.

“That was one of the most horrific quarterback performances we have ever seen.”

Stephen A. Smith

Newton threw for 92 yards on 5/21 attempts with two interceptions in the 10-33 loss to the Dolphins. He also included a rushing touchdown while posting a staggering quarterback rating of 23.

“Cam can run, but he can’t run like he used to. He can’t throw and never really was great in that department.”

Michael Irvin

In the last six years, Newton has had a losing record as a quarterback in 5 of those years. He is not the Superman he once was.

“What [did] Cam say? ‘Ain’t 32 quarterbacks better than me.’ Cam, yesterday there was. Yesterday, just yesterday, you were the worst quarterback in football.

Stephen A. Smith

Sure, the Miami Dolphins are streaking with four straight wins, but this showing was rather inexcusable. Stephen A. is typically over the top, but he has a point here.

“This was an awful, awful performance.”

Stephen A. Smith

What’s next for Newton and the Panthers?

After losing out to the rookie quarterback Mac Jones, this looked to be an incredible comeback story. After COVID complications and spending most of the season on his couch, this is just another fork in the road.

The Panthers truly believe in Newton, but it seems he is running out of chances. After being benched in the fourth quarter, head coach Matt Rhule is sticking with Newton as the starter.

With Christian McCaffrey returning to the IR and a rough second half of the season for the Panthers, it will be interesting to see how Newton and the Panthers bounce back in Week 13.

It is unlikely Newton returns to his MVP level, but it might be even more likely he has a worse game than he did on Sunday.

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