Tennessee Titans Receive Thursday’s Testing Results

ennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel gives instructions to his players during practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020 Nashville, Tenn. Nas Titans 0909 004

The Titans received their COVID-19 test results, and all came back negative per Tom Pelissero.

After the league’s first team-wide outbreak of COVID-19 cases, the Titans are finally on track to play.

Earlier in the week, league executives demanded that the NFL punish the Titans for not following COVID-19 protocols. Multiple players on the Titans team chose to break NFL protocol by practicing at a high school field when their team facilities closed.

Besides, it was well known across the league that the Titans weren’t doing their best to follow basic protocol. For example, wearing masks and socially distancing.

The last game the Titans played was against the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis. After winning and heading home to Tennessee to face the Steelers, multiple players contracted COVID-19.

Due to the Titans outbreak, the Vikings had to follow protocol and shut down their facilities. Once they received their tests back, the league allowed them to re-open the team facilities. The Vikings became the first team to take COVID-19 tests the morning of a game when in Houston.

The league chose to push back the Titans week four game against the Steelers. Week seven served as the bye week for the Titans, and week eight served as the bye week for the Steelers. Both teams now have week four counted as their bye week.

As of now, it looks like the Titans can play their game against the Bills on Tuesday.

A definite scare from the Titans has to lead to newer and stricter protocols by the league.

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