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Who Is Zach Wilson’s Mom? Mother Extraordinaire: Lisa Wilson And Her Success

Zach Wilson and his mom, Lisa Neeleman Wilson. Photo courtesy of Lisa Neeleman Wilson's Instagram

Zach Wilson’s mom, Lisa Neeleman Wilson, was an unexpected star, especially from the NFL community. She wasn’t supposed to garner attention since she was only there to support her son.

Success Out Of The Blue For Zach Wilson’s Mom

Who Is Zach Wilson's Mom? Mother Extraordinaire: Lisa Wilson And Her Success (2023)

When the New York Jets chose the star quarterback in the 2021 NFL draft as the second overall pick, she blew up on social media. Many mistakenly commented how great it was for Zach to have his girlfriend there to support his success.

However, fans were surprised to learn that she wasn’t his girlfriend. Now the Jets quarterback can share the stardom with his first-ever fan.

Due to this sudden popularity, Lisa’s Instagram grew to 150K followers. She’s capitalized on this with her brand LiveLifeLegit, which offers clothes and jewelry. She also creates inspirational posts on Instagram, which shows she lives her life to the fullest while seizing opportunities.

Zach Wilson’s Mom’s Best Friend

Stardom usually brings issues to one’s life; Lisa isn’t an exception. She found herself in drama with Abbey Gile, Zach’s ex-girlfriend.

Dax Milne posted a photo of him and Gile, who was now his girlfriend. Many commented under the photo about her being a “homie hopper.” This is due to Milne and Zach being old best friends, even roommates in college.

Gile replies with a bombshell, claiming the quarterback slept with his mom’s best friend and that he’s the “real homie hopper.”

Comment from Abbey Gile. Photo by New York Post
Photo by New York Post

On the same day, Lisa posted an Instagram story about how kids shouldn’t be on social media. However, she didn’t respond to the allegations, assumedly preferring to handle the situation privately.

However, she subtly shaded her son’s ex-girlfriend in a post about her son’s newest girlfriend, claiming, “He found a good one this time.”

Instagram Story from Lisa Neeleman Wilson. Photo by New York Post.
Photo by New York Post

Who Is Zach Wilson’s Mom?

Who Is Zach Wilson's Mom? Mother Extraordinaire: Lisa Wilson And Her Success (2023). Photo via Lisa Wilson's Instagram
Photo via Lisa Neeleman Wilson’s Instagram

Her presence on the internet has been a short one, with only two years in the spotlight. This makes her identity unknown to many outside of diehard fans.

That’s why we’re here to provide you with the information as best as possible.

  • Name: Lisa Rose Neeleman
  • She’s also known as: Lisa Wilson, Lisa Neeleman, Lisa Neeleman Wilson
  • Job: Entrepreneur and Social Media Influencer
  • Age: 50 Years Old
  • Birthdate: August 8, 1973
  • Birthplace and current location: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
  • Education: College graduate from the University of Utah
  • Parents: Gary Neeleman and Rose Neeleman
  • Siblings: John Neeleman, David Neeleman, Pamela Neeleman, Mark Neeleman, Stephen Neeleman and Julie Neeleman-Millard

She lived in a joint family since she grew up with six siblings. This explains her family-oriented nature, as she shows how close she is to her current family, siblings, and parents.

She married Michael Wilson on March 8, 1997. They’re happily still together as of writing.

Furthermore, the 50-year-old mother boasts a massive family with six children. Many of her children are either playing in the NFL or are prospects.

  • Micah Wilson
  • Zach Wilson
  • Issac Wilson
  • Josh Wilson
  • Whitney Wilson
  • Kiana Wilson

When she’s not busy being a successful entrepreneur, she’s making tasty-looking dishes for her family.

What’s Next For Lisa Wilson?

With how successful her social media pages are, her future seems even brighter. Her brand still has possible growth while her sons and daughters slowly make careers for themselves.

Meanwhile, it’s already happening, with her sons currently focusing on college football. It’s great to see the mom being a big fan and, likely, the father is too.

You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and her website.

This article will be updated if anything comes up, so stay tuned.