Why The Broncos Need to Abandon Drew Lock

Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock (3) celebrates defeating the Oakland Raiders at Empower Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy

The Denver Broncos are heading into the 2021 season with a great defense and offense. Ever since Peyton Mannings retirement, the Broncos have struggled at the quarterback position. This is why the Broncos need to abandon Drew Lock.

The Broncos have made plenty of moves over the Free Agency period this offseason. Some of the moves include giving Shelby Harris an extension, extending Justin Simmons, declined Kareem Jackson’s contract option, brought him back cheaper, Signed CB Kyle Fuller to 1-year deal. Even though most of the moves have been on the ball’s defensive side, the Broncos have proved that they’re ready to compete.

Moving onto the offensive side of the ball, the Broncos have a great receiving core in Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, and Noah Fant. Also adding the phenomenal running game in Melvin Gordon and Mike Boone. This gives them a young but aggressive team.

The one problem is, you need a good, NFL-ready quarterback to lead the team. Lock has struggled so far in his career, and the only reason he hasn’t been cut yet is due to his physical build and the arm he has. He has one the best arms in the league distance-wise. The issue is he is extremely inaccurate when trying to connect with his receivers.

Stats Don’t Lie

Lock was 31st in completion percentage, interception percentage, on-target percentage, and bad throw percentage in the 2020 season, making him one of, if not worst, starting quarterbacks in the NFL. He was also 31st in terms of passer rating. If you look back at the last 20 years for the worst passer rating, the list is not nice, and that is why it is time for the Broncos to abandon Drew Lock.

List of the past 20 quarterbacks with the worst passer rating in the NFL

Peyton Manning, Andy Dalton, Josh Rosen, and Deshone Kizer were at the end of their careers as starting NFL QBs when they made the list. Rosen started in three games with the Dolphins in 2019, but he wasn’t the technical starter, as that was Ryan Fitzpatrick, also on this list from a different year.

Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock talks with retired NFL quarterback Peyton Manning during the game between the Toronto Raptors against the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center. Credit: Ron Chenoy
Ron Chenoy

You actually can compare Lock to 2016 Fitzpatrick in terms of stats from his 2020 campaign. He started 11 games for the Jets, completing 56.6 percent of his passes for 12 TDs and 17 INTs. Lock, who started 17 games in the 2020 campaign, completing 57.3 percent of his passes for 15 TDs and 17 INTs. Let’s take a look at other quarterbacks on this list.

Blake Bortles

In 2014 Blake Bortles was drafted #3 overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars. He became the worst starting quarterback in 2014 but improved slightly in 2015, becoming his career year. His completion rating was terrible, with a 58.6 percent, but he definitely had the stats. He threw for 4428 yards and 35 TDs with only 18 INTs, but a lot of that was stat padded near the end of games. He did, however, improve his passer rating from a 69.5 as a rookie to an 88.5 in the second season.

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles avoids being sacked by Detroit Lions middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch during the third quarter at Ford Field. Credit: Andrew Weber
Andrew Weber

Geno Smith

Geno Smith came into the league in 2013 as a rookie. He was drafted by New York Jets in the second round. The Giants had an 8-8 record despite Smith being the worst QB in the league. Smith showed improvement in his second season by improving his passer rating from 66.5 to 77.5. When 2014 came around, he wasn’t the worst starting QB. However, he still led the Giants to a 3-10 season in his 13 starts.

New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith leaves the field following the game against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Credit: Mark J. Rebilas
 Mark J. Rebilas

Jamarcus Russell

In 2007, arguably, the raiders picked the biggest bust in NFL history at number one overall. That was Jamarcus Russell, who only started one game in his first season. He then started 15 games the second season, and it was atrocious. That season he was near the bottom of the league in passer rating (26th of 32). He then became the worst QB in passer rating in his third season and never took another NFL snap.

Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell during a press conference at the Oakland Raiders practice facility in Alameda, CA. Credit: Phil Carter
Phil Carter

Joey Harrington

Another atrocious QB was Joey Harrington, who the Detroit Lions drafted in the 2002 draft at number three. He was given tons of opportunities in the NFL but didn’t show up for the chance. Of course, he did play for the Detroit Lions, arguably the worst franchise in sports. But even after Detroit, he didn’t pan out how many scouts expected him to.

Detroit Lions quarterback Joey Harrington talks with head coach Steve Mariucci during a timeout from the game against the Green Bay Packers. Packers beat the Lions 38-10. Credit:  Matthew Emmons
Matthew Emmons

Rough Career So Far

According to Pro Football Network�s Tony Pauline, the Broncos had to �dummy down� the playbook late to help Lock. Pauline also noted that people who attended the Senior Bowl believed that the Broncos would have to move on from Drew Lock due to him not being able to lead the offense. This is alarming, as it shows that Drew Lock is unable to be a leader.

Drew Lock takes a selfie after being picked by the Denver Broncos during the second day of the NFL Draft Friday, April 26, 2019, in Nashville, Tenn. Credit: George Walker IV
George Walker IV

As you can see, the odds are stacked heavily against Lock. Many people don’t see him reaching Josh Allen’s ceiling as analysts usually would compare the two of them. However, it will be interesting to see how the Broncos handle the QB situation in Mile High. However, I know if it were me, it is time to move on from Drew Lock.

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