Ajax Goalkeeper Andre Onana Appealing 12 Month Doping Ban

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - JANUARY 28: goalkeeper Andre Onana of Ajax during the Dutch Eredivisie match between Ajax and Willem II at Johan Cruijff Arena on January 28, 2021 in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Photo by Geert van Erven/BSR Agency/Getty Images)
Geert van Erven/BSR Agency/Getty Images

Ajax’s first-choice keeper finds himself in a fight for his career. Andre Onana tested positive for furosemide in a urine test this past October. Despite the accusation, Onana continues to plead his innocence and appeal the ban.

Onana says that the presence of furosemide in his system was an unintentional mistake. He claims that he mistakenly thought the furosemide was aspirin and took the pill after feeling sick.

Ajax is supporting Onana in his appeal. They issued the following statement after UEFA announced the 12 month ban.

“Unknowingly, however, [Andre] took Lasimac, a drug that his wife had previously been prescribed. Onana’s confusion resulted in him mistakenly taking his wife’s medicine, ultimately causing this measure [from] UEFA against the goalkeeper.”

Further controversy surrounds the punishment as UEFA acknowledged that Onana had no intent to take the substance. As a result, Onana and the club agreed to work together to save his season.

Former Ajax keeper and current club CEO Edwin Van van der Sar backed Onana’s appeal publicly on the team’s official Twitter account.

If upheld, the ban poses a real threat to Ajax, who look to continue their title push in the Netherlands along with a Europa League campaign. The 12 months would also lead into next season, potentially holding Onana from play until the second half of 2021-2022.

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