Jesse Marsch likes tweet criticizing USMNT coach Gregg Berhalter

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA - DECEMBER 10: Coach Jesse Marsch of FC Salzburg prior the UEFA Champions League group E match between RB Salzburg and Liverpool FC at on December 10, 2019 in Salzburg, Austria. (Photo by Andreas Schaad/Getty Images)
Andreas Schaad/Getty Images

If anyone from America can have an opinion on soccer, Jesse Marsch may have the most valid one. The Wisconsin native rose through coaching ranks and now manages Red Bull Leipzig, a Champions League club.

While Marsch enjoys success abroad, the US national team currently has 2 points from 2 draws in the World Cup Qualifying. Not to mention those draws were against El Salvador and Canada. Not exactly soccer powerhouses.

As a result, USMNT coach Gregg Berhalter drew much criticism as his team looked lost and even lazy on the pitch at times. Many fans pointed out Berhalter's flaws as he continued with his almost non-existent game plan.

Marsch seemed to share the sentiment as he liked a tweet blaming Berhalter for the team's struggles.

"Gregg [Berhalter] is really going to screw over the golden generation isn’t he?"Anthony Bucks

The USMNT suffered disappointing results in recent years and infamously failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. However, this summer looked to be a turnaround as the team won the Gold Cup final against Mexico.

Now, after draws to Canada and El Salvador, it looks like the team reverted to its same old ways. While draws are inevitable in soccer, the way, the team drew also yielded more criticism.

Throughout both matches, there seemed to be no apparent game plan from the US. Especially during the Canada match, Christian Pulisic seemed to be the only US player capable of taking on defenders. Chelsea's number 10 looked out of place within the team that lacked creativity.

Berhalter addressed the lack of offense, citing Canada's formation.

"It was a really compact 5-4-1, sometimes changing to a 4-1-3-2, and it was tough to break down, man — it really was. We needed much faster ball movement. Everyone can see from the outside, [we] took way too long on the ball, allowing Canada to shift and not playing behind them enough.

We have to work on that. We have to figure out ways to break down a compact defense, because I’m sure there’s going to be other teams that come to the United States and do the same thing.”Gregg Berhalter

As the team is set to take on Honduras next, Berhalter's job is at stake. While he did win the Gold Cup earlier in the year, the World Cup is the ultimate goal. Especially considering the failure of 2018.

If Berhalter fails once again, a new coach may be on the horizon for the team. Perhaps they'll give Marsch a call.

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