Jose Mourinho calls Fortnite sh*t for distracting players

Jose Mourinho had a tough opinion regarding ‘Fortnite’ and its effects on players. He called the game sh*t as he believes the game negatively impacts players’ mentalities, especially before games.

[The game is] a nightmare. Football players, they stay up all night playing that sh*t, and the next day they have a game.

Jose Mourinho

He took to Instagram for a Q&A regarding his new job in Italy. However, his comments regarding Fortnite drew the most attention.

AS Roma’s current manager is known for his serious nature in coaching. In addition, he often gives off a sort of mean streak. His actions and attitude even draw criticism from many players that played under him.

His 2 most recent stints in England involved Manchester United and Tottenham, where he earned some success and made many enemies. Mourinho’s time in Manchester gave him the most hate as many current United players openly show their frustrations at their old manager.

Even the Red Devils’ very own Paul Pogba had criticism for Mourinho.

What I have now with Ole (Gunnar Solskjaer) is different because he wouldnít go against the players. Maybe Ole wouldnít pick them, but itís not like he puts them on the side like they donít exist anymore. Thatís the difference between Mourinho and Ole.Ē

Paul Pogba

Per classic Mourinho, his response came quickly and bluntly.

I couldnít care less with what [Pogba] says, not interested at all.

Jose Mourinho

The Portuguese manager’s way with words is nothing new. He continued the streak of controversy after speaking out regarding France’s early exit in Euro 2020.

While his past often comes under fire, Mourinho is focused on the present at his new job.

After his sacking by Tottenham, Mourinho returns to Italy after an 11-year absence. Previously with Inter Milan, Mourinho won the treble in 2010. However, his time in Italy only lasted 2 seasons as he earned a big-money move to Real Madrid the following year.

Replicating that same success in Rome is unlikely for the current rebuilding club, but knowing Mourinho, anything is possible.

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