Oliver Kahn: “Bayern M�nchen is at a competitive disadvantage in the Bundesliga.”

MUNICH, GERMANY - JULY 05: New CEO of FC Bayern Muenchen Oliver Kahn addresses a video press conference at Allianz Arena on July 05, 2021 in Munich, Germany. From July 1, 2021, former goalkeeper Oliver Kahn took over from Karl-Heinz Rummenigge as CEO of FC Bayern Muenchen. (Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images)

Oliver Kahn claims Bayern is at a competitive disadvantage by staying in the Bundesliga, as TV revenues in the Premier League are much higher than in Germany.

The former goalkeeper returned to his former club as its new CEO and didn�t waste much time making bold claims. Stating that the club is not in an equal situation with its international competition.

“In Paris St. Germain, huge sums are certainly invested, but have not yet succeeded in winning the Champions League”

Oliver Kahn on Bayern�s international competition

Furthermore, Kahn added:

“FC Bayern has always managed to compensate for this competitive disadvantage with the culture of success, this ability to win that distinguishes the FC Bayern team”

Oliver Kahn on Bayern�s culture of success

Economic loss

As Bayern registered a loss of 150 million euros due to covid in match-day revenue, the subject came up.

After a season where the selling of tickets had permission to only a few hundred people, Bayern will sell tickets to 75,000 fans in its stadium. This gives new hope to Bayern for the next season, as the team benefits again from a valuable contribution of ticket sales.

Arrival of Oliver Kahn

Now that he is the CEO, Kahn stated what Bayern�s goals are for the next season, such as winning a tenth straight Bundesliga, which wasn�t done before, and resigning key players: Goretzka and Coman.

The club suffered a lot of criticism after losing David Alaba to Real Madrid in a free transfer, and according to Kahn, the club has had enough of his demands.

Subsequently, Kahn believes the current Bayern squad can win the Champions League with the arrival of coach Julian Naggelsman and key defender from Bundesliga rivals Leipzig.

A new era begins, and the culture of success of the club prepares for the next season.

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