Ousmane Dembele and Antoine Griezmann use social media to address the truth about racial discrimination

TOPSHOT - France's forward Antoine Griezmann (L) celebrates scoring his team's first goal with his teammate France's forward Ousmane Dembele during the UEFA EURO 2020 Group F football match between Hungary and France at Puskas Arena in Budapest on June 19, 2021. (Photo by Laszlo Balogh / POOL / AFP) (Photo by LASZLO BALOGH/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembele take measures to defend themselves on social media, as previously, a leaked video emerged where both players appear to mock Asian technicians.

Each player decided to use their social media platform to write a short statement, giving their side of the story.

Antoine Griezmann

“I have always been committed against any form of discrimination. For the past few days, some people have wanted to pass me off as the man I am not. I firmly refute the accusations made against me and I am sorry if I offended my Japanese friends.”

Antoine Griezmann on Twitter

Ousmane Dembele

“The moment took place in Japan but it could have happened anywhere else on the planet, I would have used the same languages regardless of the location. It wasnt meant to be directed at any specific community. I tend to use this kind of language in private, with my friends, no matter where they are from. This video has gone public. I fully understand that it may hurt the people in it. Therefore, I really want to extend to them my deepest apologies.”

Ousmane Dembele on Instagram

The video in question

After the video leaked, a wave of criticism emerged, claiming both players were racists. Antoine Griezmann has been the most criticized for using the term “Ching Chong,” mocking the Asian language.

Eventually, people in the comments realized and pointed out that the leaked video occurred on Barcelonas Japan Tour of 2019.

Therefore, it is possible to see the said moment on Barcelonas youtube channel at the 4.37-minute mark.

After eliminating Euro 2020 and his recent injury, it seems the bad news wont go away for Ousmane Dembele. People are turning on him after his statement claims he makes more expressions of the sort in private. Now, both Dembele and Griezmann must deal with the repercussions.

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