Youri Djorkaeff: “When you play for PSG, you’re fighting the rest of France”

SHENZHEN, CHINA - AUGUST 02: Ambassador Youri Djorkaeff attends Ambassadors Press Conference ahead of the French Trophy of Champions football match between Rennes and Paris Saint-Germain at Shenzhen Universiadg Sports Center stadium on August 2, 2019 in Shenzhen, China. (Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)
Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Recently, former PSG, Monaco, and Inter midfielder Youri Djorkaeff detailed the public perception within France regarding Paris Saint-Germain. While PSG is the most famous French club globally, Djorkaeff asserted that people dislike the club within France.

In a recent interview, Djorkaeff explained that PSG is only popular with their fanbase, while most other fans detest the massive club. 

“When you play for PSG, you’re fighting against the rest of France. People hate PSG. Spain is split between Real Madrid and Barcelona. In France, there are people who like Marseille. But those who aren’t OM supporters, don’t hate them, they don’t care. Same goes for Lyon. But not PSG. And that’s unique.”

Youri Djorkaeff

Youri Djorkaeff only played one season for PSG, but in doing so, followed in his father’s footsteps. Jean Djorkaeff played for Paris Saint-Germain in their inaugural two seasons from 1970-1972. 

Since Qatari ownership took control of the club in 2011, the financial backing at the club has practically been limitless. Without financial restraint, the club has brought in marquee talent at an impressive rate. Though relatively young, the club’s support has been on the rise thanks to the insane talent that has come to the club in recent years. 

A collection of superstars

In the past several years, Le Parc des Princes has become the host of some of the best attacking players in the world. When Lionel Messi joined their ranks this summer, their popularity reached greater heights. Though the PSG faithful are ecstatic, the move only furthers the gap between PSG and their domestic competition.

Though PSG will likely continue to demolish their fellow French club teams, success in the Champions League will be the most significant barometer of success. Unfortunately, this collection of talent may not last longer than this year. While the front trio of Messi, Kylian Mbappe, and Neymar seems impossible to slow down, Mbappe may feel outshone with the other stars on the squad

While there is no doubt about PSG’s elite status as a brand in world football, there is no love for the club in France outside of Paris. We’ll see if this collection of stars can finally bring home PSG’s first Champions League title. 

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