Kenyan Drake says the Raiders’ offense is “going to space” in 2021

Kenyan Drake feels the Raiders’ offense is going to soar to new levels in 2021. Drake signed a two-year deal with the Raiders this offseason. The Raiders had one of the more efficient offenses in 2020, and Drake feels it can get even better.

Drake is a space travel enthusiast and wants to be part of a space expedition one day. However, as of right now, he feels he is heading there in his own way. Drake has the utmost confidence this Raiders’ offense will take leaps in 2021.

“I know who for sure is going to space, and that’s this offense this year, this team. I feel like we’re definitely taking off to another trajectory, you know what I mean? You like how I kind of threw that in there?”

Kenyan Drake

Drake is coming to Vegas to pair with Josh Jacobs. The Raiders want to run the football and have two guys capable of doing so. Drake is a versatile weapon that has the ability to line up in the backfield and as a receiver.

Drake is excited about how he is going to be used in coach Jon Gruden’s offense. He has experience both as an early-down runner and as a third-down receiving back. As a result, he thinks he’ll get plenty of opportunities and that he and Jacobs will compliment each other just fine.

“I feel like with his skill set and my skill set, they complement each other pretty well. He just has a knack for making plays in space or just being a hammer and not the nail, like our running back coach in Alabama used to say. … Just excited about what Gruden has planned for us and this offense in general.”

Kenyan Drake

The Raiders have one of the more efficient offenses in the league, and Drake feels it’s getting even better. However, the defense remains a question mark.

If the defense can step up, get stops, and force some turnovers, this team will make some noise. However, if the defense reverts to its old ways, the Raiders could be looking at another season of not making the playoffs.

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