QB Trevor Lawrence Considering Return To Clemson Next Season

Oct 24, 2020; Clemson, South Carolina, USA; Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) waves to fans after their game against Syracuse at Memorial Stadium.

Marc Whiteman of NBC news posted a video to his Twitter of Trevor Lawrence talking about the decision to move on to the NFL or stay another year at Clemson.

It sounds like Lawrence is keeping all options open regarding whether he leaves for the�NFL�or stays at Clemson. He did mention that “his mindset has been to move on.”

This decision is a dilemma a lot of�NFL�prospects face. They feel a tie and loyalty to their collegiate program to help them keep on winning. On the other hand, injury and draft stock falling in the next season could hurt a said player.

Lawrence already has a National Championship under his belt from his freshmen season in 2018. However, Clemson lost to the LSU Tigers led by Joe Burrow in the National Championship. He could be hunting for more success at the college level.

The other component to this that has floated across social media is that Lawrence doesn’t want to go to the New York Jets. The Jets are pretty much guaranteed to get the first pick in this year’s draft. However, there have been apparent issues between the players and coach Adam Gase. Jamal Adams and Le’veon Bell both wanted out of New York, and Gase was one reason.

The theory that Lawrence doesn’t want to play for the Jets is unlikely. Even though the Jets have been a disaster this season, so are many teams that have the first pick in the draft. No matter what year he decides to take his talents to the NFL, he’s going to be a top-three pick. Any team that selects him probably isn’t very good. 

Lawrence most likely will go to the NFL next year. His frame at 6’6 and composure are great traits for a quarterback. No matter when or where he goes, Lawrence has a bright professional future.

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