Steph Curry or Klay Thompson? Andre Iguodala answers who is the better shooter

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Former 2015 Finals MVP, Andre Iguodala, is most recently known for his successful run with the Golden State Warriors. During that stretch, he played with the sharpshooting duo of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Multiple NBA players, both past and present, call Steph the best shooter of all time. However, when asked to choose between Steph Curry or Klay Thompson, Igoudala says that the title could still be for grabs under certain circumstances.

“(Klay’s) a generational talent as well. Really excited for him. He missed the game last two years. The only thing about Klay is, he’ll get bored after like�you know, the shooting contest he’ll get bored. So people is like, who�s the better shooter, Steph or Klay, and I�m like it depends on if Klay wants to play with his dog or not.”

Andre Igoudala on who is the better shooter between Steph Curry and Klay Thompson

Igoudala said this while on JJ Redick and Tommy Alter’s podcast called “The Old Man and the Three.” The dog that Igoudala is referring to goes by the name of Rocco. Igoudala’s story is not the first time that Rocco’s name has appeared in the news. Klay Thompson is very public about being a dog owner. From boat rides to shoe releases, Klay is getting Rocco involved somehow.

Steph Curry vs. Klay Thompson in the past

In terms of facing off, Klay and Steph have gotten the best of one another in a televised three-point competition. Steph won it in 2015 but then lost the title in 2016 to his teammate. However, with Klay out this past season, Steph regained the throne as the 2021 champion.

Hopefully, Thompson can continue on the road to recovery from his Achilles tear. Fans of the Warriors cannot wait for him to hit the court once again this upcoming season. Once he does, everyone will remember how great a talent he is, both beyond the arch and on the defensive end.

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